•Pikamoon, an Ethereum blockchain game, has raised $3.6 million in its ongoing ICO.
•The game focuses on becoming the most realistic metaverse game with unparalleled gameplay, stunning visuals and innovative DeFi features.
•Notable partners of this Ethereum-based game include future-thinking Web 3.0 brands such as Ethereum, Transak, Cryptonews.com, Kevuru Games and MultiversX.

Pikamoon Raises $3.6 Million

Ethereum blockchain game Pikamoon has successfully raised $3.6 million in its ongoing Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The funds will be used to bring more value to the Ethereum ecosystem and revolutionize the world of blockchain gaming.

Unparalleled Gameplay Experience

Pikamoon focuses on creating a realistic metaverse experience with staggering visuals and innovative DeFi features that allow players to withdraw their rewards directly without needing a third party intermediary. Drawing inspiration from legendary games such as Fortnite, Pokemon and FIFA, the team is committed to building the best of the best gaming projects using Unity’s advanced game development technology for a truly immersive experience across two blockchains – Ethereum and MultiversX (formerly Elrond).

Support from Industry Leaders

Gaming enthusiasts and smart investors are convinced Pikamoon is the future of gaming – this is evident by how quickly phase one and two of the ICO sold out. Notable partners supporting this project include some of today’s leading Web 3.0 brands including Ethereum, Transak, Cryptonews.com, Kevuru Games and MultiversX – further reinforcing its credibility as a reliable investment opportunity for those looking to enter what is strategically seen as a huge market within metaverse gaming on the Ethereum blockchain.

Final ICO Phase Selling Out Fast

In phase three of the ICO one PIKA token can be bought at $0.0006 but these are selling out quickly so it’s important to act fast if you don’t want to miss out!

The Future Of Metaverse Gaming

With support from industry leaders like those mentioned above combined with innovative features that make it easy for gamers to earn rewards without middlemen taking their cut – it’s no wonder why investors are flocking towards Pikamoon in droves! With these funds now secured by Pikamoon there shouldn’t be any doubt about their ability to deliver on their promises – making them one step closer towards achieving their goal of revolutionizing metaverse gaming on the Ethereum blockchain!